Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Big Finish

We've arrived in Anchorage. All vehicles that left Kirkland are here in Anchorage. That includes the three motorcycles (two broken and one broken rider) and the Morris Minor that has worked hard to make it here despite stops along the way for serious repairs.

Today's trip from Glenallen was the shortest of the event but probably the worst of the weather. Monsoon conditions between today's start and Anchorage afforded the competitors some challenging bits along the way, including very blustery conditions along the final approach to Anchorage. Cycle rider #15 (M. Stram) laid his machine down on the final TSD section, but got up, shook it off, and completed his ride. The spirit of the Alcan event continues to come through at all levels.

Final scores should be posted soon, assuming Marvin puts his beer down long enough to get 'em up. We should have a phresh photo link as well.


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