Thursday, August 17, 2006

Focus on the Now!

So says Marvin, who is advising us. Fortunately for him, he's now on the list of posters for this blog.

I'm going to skip ahead. We're on Day 4, and in Whitehorse.

Many of the bikes and the hardy workers supporting them headed out to the Canol Highway this morning. They will be spending the night with the able support of Alcan staff, including a big ol' tent and a number of sleeping bags and other support items hauled by a variety of large vehicles.

Those of us not involved, including all the cars, went to Skagway, Alaska today.

One of the cool things about this trip, other than the fact that it's a nearby 120 miles, is that you leave from the Yukon, go through a corner of British Columbia, and then descend into a isolated corner of Alaska. Immigrations isn't a joke, but it's not as serious as the main crossings at the mainland US/Canada border, that's for sure. We had a nice chat with the US customs guy, who was interested in the Saab ("What a great car for these roads!").

Skagway was probably cool ten years ago. Eric says it was different even four years ago. Now it's packed with jewelry stores an other useless crap outlets. There were four -- FOUR -- cruise ships tied up at the docks when we rolled in. Most of the touristas were headed back when we arrived. It was still crowded -- Skagway is quite small.

We're under no illusions that we aren't tourists as well. But it's hard to ignore a slight sense of superiority when we've driven to this remote corner of the world in a small old car vs. arriving in a state of the art floating apartment building.

On the return to Whitehorse (only 120 miles or so, BTW), we stopped at a couple of historic spots. The Log Cabin location was interesting, however we were swarmed by skeeters in a fashion that made us scramble for the safety of the car.

Ok, Eric needs to post something.


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