Friday, August 18, 2006

Dawson City

Discovery Days Celebration is being held at Dawson City while we're here. Right now the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival is setup down along the river (although I haven't visited yet) and tomorrow is the Discovery Day Golf Tournament and Discovery Day Run. Not to mention some sort of TSD :) Or a side trip to Eagle Plains (via the Dempster Highway) and for an extra 52 miles a visit to the Arctic Circle crossing.

Worked the TSD this morning, thankfully many of the bikes were on the camping trip up the North Canol Highway. The TSD was 35 minutes long (including a 10 minute pause), the route went up a road into the hills, looped around (the 10 minute pause was here), and went right back down. So the workers all worked two checkpoints, one each direction. If all 31 entrants had been there it would have been a bit complicated to get everyone timed correctly.

Then it was head up Highway 1 and 2 in the support van (with the cycle luggage). My attempts to take photos and stay on the road were a limited success, here are a few.

I'm currently sitting in the bar waiting for the rest of Team D (Dan & Eric and Nick & Steve) to show up from their side trips. I suppose I should print out scores and hand them out.


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