Friday, August 18, 2006

Alcan Rally Day 4 Rest and Repairs

The rally stops in Whitehorse on Day 4. Many of the motorcycles headed out again today on the South Canol Road to Ross River and then on to the North Canol Road for a rustic overnight adventure. Meanwhile the rest of the cycles, all of the cars and the event staff took a rest day. Many used the day to make a roundtrip to Skagway and others simply rested from the first three long days of the Alcan Rally.

Skagway was interesting but completely insane. There were four cruise ships in town and about 6000 people dumped onto the streets of this very small town. As we drove in and walked around we found that we were as much a curiousity to the cruise ship tourists as the town itself. I've visited Skagway three times, the first in 1996 and it is amazing how things have changed even in that amount of time as the large scale tourism has grown. It was interesting to go but not the Alaska that we came to visit.

Cycles #31 and #32 did work on their bikes in Whitehorse on this day off. Tim Pindel #31 worked to change his gearing so that his highway cruising would better match that of his teammate #32, Aaron Gibson. These guys are having a great time and really savoring the Alcan Rally experience. Aaron is writing about his trip in his blog but as he has learned, time is precious on this rally and finding time for updates is a another of the many challenges.

I finally got caught up with photo uploads through Day 4. It includes pictures from our drive out to Telegraph Creek and lots of other stuff. Hopefully wading through the growing pile of pictures is not too much trouble

Tomorrow the Whitehorse teams will head to Dawson City and the cycles on the North Canol will break camp and converge there as well. The rally will be whole again and ready for the home stretch.


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